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Avoiding Burns from Sugaring and Waxing

Posted by on Jan 14, 2015 in Ask Grace

Avoiding Burns from Sugaring and Waxing

Q: Thank you very much for your response. I am deaf, but was able to glean most of what you might have said on the helpful videos on Youtube. I have never done sugaring before, but I have had my upper lip, chin, and under chin areas waxed… with problems. I got burns (I have never waxed myself and always had this done by a spa esthetician. All three different spa estheticians at three different spas were unable to avoid burning me, so that tells me that my skin is ultra-sensitive), ingrown hairs, and deep, painful cysts from blocked pores. I am currently undergoing electrolysis to treat these areas, but I am interested in sugaring my private areas and bikini line areas because when I shave those areas, I break out. I have tried hair laser treatments through a dermatologist, but I am a true blonde and my skin is fair, so that didn’t work. Knowing my success rate with wax, I am not letting wax anywhere near my bikini line. Anyway… your videos were very informative and I appreciated how you showed how to do it on yourself because it shows me how to do it myself. I was also surprised to see how hard you pressed into the skin. What kind of consistency did you use for those areas? I am guessing you make sugar paste, not sugar wax, based on the ingredients.

You also applied something on your skin before you applied the sugar. At first, I thought it was some kind of a cleansing liquid, but then another video showed powder (baby powder?). What do you recommend I clean my skin with or what do I prep my skin with before I apply the sugar? Also, which would you suggest using to warm up the sugar paste—microwave or the individual warmer for waxes and pastes?

What is your preferred consistency for removing hairs along the bikini line and the privates? I guess that would be called a partial Brazilian. There are no spas here that advertise sugaring (there is only one spa that does this and it is an hour’s drive away, so I am saving that as a last resort), which is why I am going to attempt doing this myself. I found Acomoclitic’s website and the how-to videos. I would love to buy those videos, but I can’t because I’m deaf. I am sure there is a lot of helpful information that is verbal, therefore I am asking all these questions. –Kristine

A: I’m glad you found electrolysis for your facial hair. I’m excited for you to be relieved of your ingrown hairs on your face.
The product is a sugar paste but you can use it like a wax with a strip if that is easier for you on some spots.
The sugar paste is my favorite method even though it’s harder to learn. You end up using less product that way since you can keep re-using the same piece over and over. In some of the videos, I am pressing hard because the sugar is a bit too firm. I press more into the direction I am applying and not so much into the skin. If you press into the skin (especially on bikini) your sugar will get melty too fast and be hard to flick off. I compare the best technique to a snow plow (not a shovel). I like using Medium-Firm for bikini area. And in some of my videos I am using Medium-Firm on legs because it was what I had handy, but I prefer to use Medium-Soft on my legs and arms. For preparing your skin, exfoliate in the bath/shower with a washcloth, loofah, exfoliating gloves or something like St Ives Apricot Scrub. You want to get the dead skin cells off to help the sugar grab the hair better. Don’t use a scrub that has a lot of oil in it. If you have oils or lotions on your skin, the sugar will not work well. Before starting make sure to clean the skin. I use a water-based cleanser if the skin is not freshly cleaned (avoid oil based cleansers). Soap and water works good too. If you are fresh out of the shower, you don’t need to clean the skin again.
Before using the sugar, you can use a bit of powder to protect your skin and help absorb any oils/moisture that is in that area. When I first learned sugaring, I was taught to use a lot of powder. Then I took another class and that instructor recommended less powder. Try and see what works for you. Since you have sensitive skin, you will find the powder helps protect it. You can also re-apply the powder in an area that you have to go over a few times with the sugar, or if you notice that you start to get sweaty during the process. If you get really sweaty, stop and wait a couple hours until you cool down. It’s too hard to sugar a sweaty or hot body area. For warming the sugar, the microwave works great when doing it at home. If you accidentally heat it too much, put it in the freezer to cool down. Sugar holds it heat for a long time, so if you heat it for 10-15 seconds it will stay warm for about 30-45 minutes. We use warmers at the studio but it’s because we have client after client, so it saves time. At home, you will only need to heat it when you need to use it, maybe once a month or so. If you use a sugar warmer, it takes about 4 hours to get the sugar heated to the right temperature. The microwave is much faster! I hope this answers most of your questions. –Grace

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