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Why 5 Flavors?

When Grace first began using sugar she was ordering from a company who sold 3 sugar consistencies, basically Firm, Medium and Soft. As she was working with them, she often found herself mixing them together now and then to customize the perfect sugar for specific clients depending on their hair type, body temperature or pain level. Her favorite combo was the Medium and the Firm together. So when she started making her own sugar,


she decided to offer the Medium-Firm as it’s own formula. Grace calls this one ‘Goldilocks’ because it’s ‘just right’–at least for her. Everyone is going to find a favorite sugar for them. If they are doing their own sugaring at home, it will be based on their skill level, their hair type, skin sensitivities, their body temperature, hand temperature, environment (humidity and room temperature), as well as which body areas they are sugaring. When brand new to sugaring, it’s best to start with the Firm especially if you plan on doing bikini line and underarms. Firm is the easiest one to work with when learning the paste method (rolling it on and off) and works best for coarse hair. Check out this page to learn more about the 5 types of sugar. And feel free to message us with any questions you may have.

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