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Eyebrow with Quick Trick – Do Top and Bottom at the Same Time

Posted by on May 23, 2017 in Videos

Eyebrow with Quick Trick – Do Top and Bottom at the Same Time

Using this tip will help speed your sugaring along. Save time by using a larger strip to cover above and below your brow at the same time. Pull all the hair off in one swipe. This is great for brow clean up. Make sure that the sugar is warmed up to a honey texture. You want it to go on thin so that it doesn’t push into the part of the brow you don’t want to remove when you are applying the strip. If you are new to shaping your brows, I recommend inching in with the sugar, a little at a time, so that you don’t remove more than you desire. This will give you more control of getting the proper shape. Too often newbies will slather on the sugar, and when they put the strip down and press it in, the sugar leaks into the area they don’t want to remove and they end up with less brow than they hoped for. It takes quite a while to grow the hair back in, so be careful! If you are not confident in your skill, you can do a modest clean up to get the hairs in between the brows and just a bit above and below, but save the actual ‘shaping’ for your esthetician. Doing the clean up yourself will help you space out the professional treatments a couple more weeks. Similar to men shaving the nape of their neck in between hair cuts, helps space out their hair cuts a little longer and they still looked groomed. Good luck! Keep tuned for more helpful videos. Go to for my FREE Sugar Guide and to get your Starter Kit for Home and Salon sugaring.

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