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Why do you apply sugar the opposite of wax?

Sugar works best when applied opposite the hair growth and pulled with the hair growth. This is opposite of waxing. However, this is more of a guideline than a rule as you will discover that sugar does pull hair out when applied all sorts of different directions. In general, you will find that the most hair gets pulled out by the root when applied against the hair and removed with the hair growth. When applying the sugar by hand, you can curl your fingers to help lift the sugar into the hair to ensure the hair is wrapped up in the sugar before removing it.

What is ‘molding’?

Molding is a term used to describe the application of the sugar. Typically you will want to mold 2-3 times before removing the sugar. Although when you first start with a piece of sugar that is warm, 1 time is enough until it gets firmer, otherwise you could get stuck. Molding allows the sugar to seep into and around the hair, plus the pH of the sugar helps loosen the sugar from its hair follicle which makes it easier to remove.

Why can you go over the skin more than once?

With waxing, it can be dangerous to go over the skin more than once because the wax is so sticky that it pulls the top layer of skin off. Sugar is different because it only adheres to dead skin cells and not live skin cells because of the water in live tissue. Sugar is safe to go over the skin multiple times, especially when using powder as a protection layer. Be careful to not overdue it on sensitive skin like eyebrows or men’s scrotum. The thinner skin can not tolerate as much repeated sugar applications. Most body areas like arms and legs, can tolerate many applications of sugar before the skin is ‘raw’ or inflamed.

Should I warm up the sugar before using it?

The sugar is effected by room temperature and humidity. Some environments do not require heating. If you are having trouble pinching out a ball of sugar from the jar, it is recommended to heat the sugar for a few seconds (5-10) in a microwave to make it easier to pull a piece of sugar from the jar. If the room is below 70 degrees, you will probably need to heat it up before using it. I recommend trying to grab a ball of sugar out first because if the sugar gets too warm/soft, it is harder to work with. It’s easier when it stays in a ball and doesn’t melt.
If you warmed the sugar up too much, cool it in the freezer. Or if it’s not too hot to apply to the skin, you can apply it and then let it sit on the skin for 3-5 minutes to cool off before attempting to flick it off.
If you are using the sugar as a ‘strip wax’ (i.e. applying it with a stick in a thin layer and then removing it with a cloth or wax strip), then it is recommended to heat the sugar for 20-50 seconds so it is more like honey. Be careful not to get it too hot or it will burn the skin.

What is the paste method?

MyGoldSugar_MediumSoft800The paste method is when the sugar is applied to the skin and then flicked off without using a strip or cloth to remove it. The sugar can not be too melty to do this method. The sugar has to be rather thick and go on like a paste. I also refer to this method as the ‘flick method’ in some of the youtubes. If you like hard wax, you will like the paste method because it is similar to the hard wax method, except you don’t have to wait for the sugar to harden before flicking it off.

Why is sugar better than waxing?

Sugar is safer because it is not hot like wax. It also does not stick to the skin like wax so the skin is not as irritated. There is a noticeable difference between wax and sugar in how the skin looks and feels afterwards; there is much less inflammation and stinging sensation. Sugar also grabs more hair out by the follicle so the treatments last longer and the skin stays smoother in between treatments.

How can I learn to sugar?

Sugaring takes practice. When people first try sugaring it can be messy and sticky. As they practice using it, they get better and better at keeping the sugar in a ball and not having it melt all over. To watch sugaring in action check out

How can I buy My Gold Sugar?

Click here:

How do I choose which type of sugar is best for me?

As a general rule, get Firm sugar for coarse hair and Soft sugar for fine hair. When learning to sugar with the paste method, order the Firm which is easiest to work with because it won’t melt as easily as softer sugars. If you are doing a lot of Brazilians, I recommend the Medium-Firm. Every person will eventually find their ‘sweet spot’ and know what kind of sugar they like best. If you are using the sugar in a salon or spa, you will want to have both a firm sugar and a soft sugar so you can work with all skin and hair types. The medium-firm and the medium-soft seem to be the most popular for salons and spas.

Is sugaring less expensive than waxing?

Salons and spas usually charge a little bit more for sugaring than waxing (in general). However, the actual cost of product/supplies is less expensive than waxing when using My Gold Sugar because the cost of one jar is about the same as wax, but you will use less product and supplies since you can use one ball of sugar over and over again and you don’t need sticks and strips. Plus sugaring lasts longer than waxing so you won’t have to do it as often.

What are the ingredients in sugar?

In My Gold Sugar the ingredients are simply sugar, lemon juice and water.

Are some people allergic to My Gold Sugar?

MyGoldSugar_Firm800If someone is allergic to citrus, they might have a sensitivity to the product because of the lemon juice. However, most likely this is only an allergy when consumed and not a skin allergy. You could simply do a test patch to determine if there would be any type of allergic reaction.
It is common to have some type of redness or inflammation after sugaring because of the irritation to the hair follicles. This is normal and will subside within 24 hours.

How should I prepare for sugaring?

The hair has to be grown in at least 1/4 of an inch and longer is better. Exfoliate your skin with a loofah, exfoliating gloves or a scrub to help eliminate dead skin cells. This will help the sugar grab the hair better and you will use less sugar. Make sure the skin is clean and dry; free of all oils and lotions.

What should I do after sugaring?

Immediately after, wipe the skin with water or water based cleanser/toner to get any sticky residue off. Avoid tanning for 24 hours. As the hair starts to grow back in after a few weeks, exfoliation will keep the hairs from turning ingrown.

Should I wait to have sex after a Brazilian sugaring?

Typically the skin is red and irritated after waxing and so it’s recommended to avoid sexual activity for 48 hours. However, with sugaring, the skin will not be as sore afterwards (or very minimal discomfort) so usually you can have sex within 2-4 hours of the treatment. Basically, you want most of the inflammation gone before causing more friction/irritation to the skin. Everyone reacts a little differently depending on their skin and hair type so it does vary from person to person.

Can you use sugaring for a men’s brazilian?

Yes. You can view a demonstration on our youtube channel:
Men love sugaring because they have thinner skin in their private area and the sugar is less irritating and painful on their sensitive parts.

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