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First Time Brazilian Trimming

Posted by on Jan 19, 2015 in Ask Grace

First Time Brazilian Trimming

Q: If you’re doing a virgin Brazilian on a very hairy client how much would you trim? –Anna

A: Do you have buzzers? If so, you can use a guard that allows the hair to be about 1/2 inch long. I don’t recommend using scissors because you could cut them. Although, if that is all you have you can pinch the hair between your index and middle finger, then cut whatever hair pokes over the top. You can do this over the entire area, and that will help get rid of some of the length, making it easier to sugar, less painful for the client, and you will use less product. After you are done trimming, get a lint roller and roll it over the area to pick up all the trimmings. I have found this to be an excellent way to clear the trimmings out of the way. The buzzer I recommend is the cordless mustache/beard trimmer from Walmart, the brand is Wahl. It has all the attachments you need for adjusting the hair length. It’s not as wide as a hair buzzer and allows to get into the smaller bikini area better. The cordless feature is great too so you aren’t limited by a cord length when working on a customer.

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