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How to Guide: Waxing and Sugaring Products for Hair Removal

Posted by on Jan 8, 2015 in Ask Grace

How to Guide: Waxing and Sugaring Products for Hair Removal

Just as there are many varieties of products for hair removal, there are also a variety of technicians who each have their own style of using the products. Given these variables you are still better off being waxed by someone who is using the proper techniques and the best products for waxing, than someone sugaring who is not. I only say that because when you hear horror wax or sugar stories, the majority of time it was because the technician was not doing the service correctly, or they weren’t using the best product for the job.

When I used to use hard wax, I experimented with other brands and I kept coming back to the Berodin’s blue wax beads. If you visit you can find Berodin waxes for sale. Use MyGold promo code upon check out.

When it comes to sugaring, there are a few brands made for professionals that are very good. I first used Alexandria Professionals and then was introduced to Sugar of the Nile. Both of these lines are similar in quality. I liked their texture of sugar and other brands I tried did not compare to the quality. In 2012 I started making my own sugar based on that same quality. Instead of offering only 3-4 varieties in texture, I have created 5 varieties that vary from Soft to Firm.

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