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Heating Sugar for Hair Removal on Stove Top

Posted by on May 10, 2016 in Videos

Heating Sugar for Hair Removal on Stove Top

Before using My Gold Sugar, it is recommended to warm it up so that it goes on smoother and faster. This video demonstrates how you can heat up a jar of sugar on the stove. Heating sugar is a two part process and takes about 6 minutes to heat the water up and then 10 minutes to warm the sugar up to a perfect paste consistency. If you are brand new to sugaring and learning the flick method, you will want to only heat it for about 5 minutes because you want it firmer to start with, which makes it easier to learn the flick. The microwave is going to be the fastest way to heat the sugar, which only takes about 30 seconds for a full jar.


  1. Hi i have the wax warmer is it ok i used the wax warmer to heat up my sugar wax?..

  2. If you use a wax warmer, you only need to set it on the lowest temperature. The sugar does not need to be heated very much. Just a little above room temperature. Some wax warmers will heat it too hot even on the lowest setting, so you may need to turn the pot off once the sugar is melted to your liking. Some wax pots have a sugar setting, so use that for heating the sugar.

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