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Sugaring for Salons and Spas

Salons and Spas who are looking for a quality sugar made in the USA that is reasonably priced, My Gold Sugar is made for you. When owning a busy salon, you may not have time or patience to experiment with making your own sugar and coming up with a recipe and technique that ensures the same consistency time after time. That’s one of the reasons Grace J Power started offering her sugar for sale online. As she was teaching classes to estheticians,

they would often ask if they could get sugar from her since they liked how it worked in the class. Grace started selling it to her students and then word of mouth spread to other salons and spas. Eventually Grace decided to offer My Gold Sugar online so that salons and spas across the country (and even outside the country) could take advantage of a great product at a great price, with training if needed. Since Grace originally started selling My Gold Sugar, she has sold Acomoclitic Studio and can now devote more of her time and attention to her customers. She teaches classes regularly to estheticians who want to learn how to sugar at the College of International Esthetics in Arvada, Colorado. Her Youtube channel is a great way to learn some of her secrets to sugaring.

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