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Never had a wax and curious…

Posted by on May 30, 2017 in Ask Grace

I just watched your youtube self waxing video.  I found it very helpful in the event that I start trying this on my own.  I really want to get waxed down there but I have a few concerns and questions.  You seem very open and honest in your video so I thought I would take the chance you would answer me.
I am heavy set.  I had a friend a while back that did the waxing thing and she always told me it was best for heavier set people to not try waxing.  There was too much “area” to cover and it might not be effective because of excess fat on the “mound” area of a woman.
Perhaps you can confirm this for me?  Or perhaps there is someway I can figure out how to sucessfully wax?
Thank you for any help you might be able to give. 🙂

Hi Abby,

That is a great question! I have had a number of heavy set women come in for Brazilian waxings at my studio. Sometimes they are easier to work on because their skin is much tighter in that area. It was harder if they had been heavier and lost weight and their skin was looser and I think it hurt them a little more, but I was still able to get all the hair on the mound and inside the labia lips and anal region.
I think the hardest part about you doing yourself will be getting in the right positions and being able to see the area you are working on. Using a mirror will really help and if you can have anyone else help you they can hold the skin tight while you sugar it. The tighter the skin, the better and sometimes having an extra hand or two will help.
I would advise going to a salon for the first one before doing it on your own so that the hair can thin out. If you can find an esthetician who does a lot of Brazilians, it will be more likely that they will know how to do your service so it is thorough and you are comfortable. Any chance you are in the Golden area? My Gold Sugar would be perfect! Sugaring is even better than waxing for Brazilians and will be less painful.
I hope this answers your question but if not, email me back with more questions or concerns.

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