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Self Waxing Labia

Posted by on Dec 5, 2014 in Ask Grace

Self Waxing Labia

Q: Hi, I watched your youtube video about how to wax yourself at home and I found it to be very helpful. I couldn’t figure out how to get my labia properly and watching the positioning in the video helped me out a lot. I did have issues trying to wax my own perineum and anus, and I was wondering if there were any more tips you could give me for those regions. I am heavier (I am not obese, but I am heavier than the woman in the video), and I also have a lot more hair than the woman in the video did. So I was just wondering if you could give my some more tips to get that region fully waxed. –Sarah

A: I’m glad the video helped. For thicker hair do a thicker layer of wax and let it dry a little longer before you pull. Try and do shorter skinny pieces to make it easier to tolerate and give you more control over stretching the skin tight for each strip. The mirror on the floor really helps for the back end so you can see what you are doing. And doing smaller pieces will help too.

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