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What Sugar is Right for Me? (MyGoldSugar Soft)

Posted by on Oct 11, 2016 in Videos

What Sugar is Right for Me? (MyGoldSugar Soft)

When it comes to professional sugaring, it’s nice to have some options with the different textures. However, if you are new to sugaring, this can be confusing. In this short clip, Grace explains some of the benefits and drawbacks to choosing the Soft Sugar variety. The Soft is going to be the lightest and most smooth of the sugars. It will go on faster than the firmer sugars. It will go on thinner than the firmer sugars. Soft is recommended if you are using the strip method of sugaring. Soft can be used as a paste but is going to require expert skill. You don’t want to use the Soft in the paste method on warmer body areas, but it does work well on large body areas like arms and legs. Soft is the best for peach fuzz and fine hair.

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