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How to Sugar Your Toes – Hair Removal

Posted by on May 3, 2017 in Videos

How to Sugar Your Toes – Hair Removal

For women especially, having toe hair is not considered attractive. You can see in this video, how easy and quick it is to remove the unwanted toe hair. The benefit of sugaring the hair over shaving, is that the hair is pulled out by the root and the hairlessness will last much longer. You may find you only need to sugar your toes once per month or even once every other month. Very little product is needed. As you can see in the video, one little small piece of sugar can be used to remove all of the toe hair since you can reapply the same sugar over and over.

If your toes are really dry, I recommend applying some cornstarch or baby powder to help protect the sugar from sticking too much. Sugar is attracted to dead skin cells, so on dry skin, it will stick. If that is the case, instead of forcing the sugar off to remove it, I recommend using some water and a cloth to remove the hair so you don’t pull off the skin and cause a scab. You don’t want to apply lotion because then the sugar will not stick to the hair.

One recommendation for dry skin, is to take fish oil supplements. When I lived in Colorado, sometimes I would start to get dry, chapped lips in the winter. As soon as I took some fish oil supplements, my lips would heal up quickly. Fish oil is great for the skin (as well as the brain), so make sure you are taking supplements. It also helps with Eczema and Psoriasis.

We commonly believe we need to treat dry skin from the outside in with topical treatments, but more often than not, increasing oils in our diet, will have an obvious effect on moisturizing our skin from the inside out.

One topical treatment that I like, especially for feet, is applying coconut oil. Coconut oil kills fungus and bacteria and so not only does it moisturize and protect the dry skin, but it also helps keep the feet free from fungus.

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