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Sugar Waxing Legs at Home Part 5 – Does Sugaring Hurt?

Posted by on Nov 22, 2016 in Videos

Sugar Waxing Legs at Home Part 5 – Does Sugaring Hurt?

Near the end of the video, I demonstrate how to get unstuck when the sugar becomes gooey. That is a sign that it’s time to change your sugar ball and get a fresh piece of sugar.

To change sugar balls without gloves, scrape off as much sugar as you can and throw it away. Then rinse your hand in the faucet with warm water. The water will dissolve the sugar. Warm water works faster than cool water. Once your hands are washed, be sure to thoroughly dry them before dipping back into the sugar jar. Even one little drip of sugar will mess up your sugar. You could even apply powder to your hands prior to sugaring to help eliminate any moisture from your hands getting into the sugar. Wearing gloves to sugar will make it easier and faster to change sugar balls.

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