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Sugaring My Boyfriend’s Manzillion at Home

Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 in Videos

Sugaring My Boyfriend’s Manzillion at Home

My boyfriend allowed me to video as I sugared his Brazilian at home. Before attempting this procedure on your boyfriend or husband, I highly recommend practicing with the sugar on less sensitive areas like the back. Once you have the technique down of rolling on and of the sugar without getting stuck, you could try it on the more delicate areas. The skin on the ball sack is very thin and so you want to be careful. Applying some powder (cornstarch or talc) can help protect the skin. And make sure to pull the skin tight, like I show in this video, otherwise it will hurt and the sugar might not even come off.

Comment with more questions and I will be sure to answer any that you might have.


  1. Can i know the price???

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