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Works great! Works just as sugaring is described. Once you get the technique down. Much nicer than waxing. Being an esthetician for the last 7yrs I love it!
Jessdec, Amazon customer, May 23, 2013

Good stuff. Worked great nice texture got the job done i would recommend ,, shipped and arrived fast I was very pleased and would order again.
Ruby, Amazon customer, March 27, 2013

I was trying to find a real sugaring paste (no added chemicals) for a while. I was lucky to find My Pink Wink Cream seller and its great product: works perfectly even during summer season: doesn’t melt and attaches well to the skin! Thank you for a wonderful sugaring paste! Keep it up!
Medieval D., Amazon customer, August 19, 2013

Great product! Make sure to watch Grace J.Power’s YouTube videos to watch a demonstration how to use if its your first time.
Paulette Cota, Amazon customer, May 16, 2013

I just purchased some of this sugar wax and guys. I cannot express how amazing this stuff is! It works so well and left me amazingly smooth without leaving behind any little hairs. I was so skeptical because usually when you buy stuff like this online it always ends up super disappointing, but I just followed what Grace was doing and got the best results. I’m so happy I got this 🙂
Mayalisa Gray, February 9, 2015

I can’t thank you enough for your videos and that amazing sugar!!!!! My privates are as smooth as a baby’s bottom and it barely hurt at all!!! Your sugar gets every single hair! You’ve changed my life! I used to have stubble immediately after shaving! It was NEVER smooth and actually hurt my boyfriend and myself! I want to shout from the roof tops how happy I am. You’re amazing!
Jennifer Liebo of Sevierville, Tennessee, August 24, 2015

Hi Grace!! The sugar is perfect!!! So much better than this other one than what I had purchased from another seller I should of purchased from you first! I feel having more in your hand is so much more controllable doesn’t melt as quickly. I used the medium and it was on point. I did put in the microwave so it was easier to take out of the jar. And now I have the hang of it , now I know which I can purchase. Thank you so much for your help now I actually love sugaring!!
Linnette F., May 9, 2016

Hello, my name is Laura and I am a licensed cosmetologist at Columbia’s the Salon,in Columbia SC. I’ve been sugaring for over 3 years now. I tried My Gold Sugar (medium firm) and I love it. I will be using My Gold Sugar from now on.
Laura Johnson, August 23, 2016

I used the Soft Sugar on a full face this evening. I LOVE IT!
Works great for me, less hand working, and absolutely removes soft vellus facial fur with one flick!! AND used way less than I did with Alexandria.
Glad I researched the Internet and found you❤
Donna C., February 6, 2017

I love your sugar! It’s 10x’s better than an organic one I bought on Amazon. It spreads a lot easier without pulling. I will definitely be buying more when I am out.
The videos helped a lot, too. Thank you for sharing those.
Sab, April 24, 2017

11/25/15 Amazon customer (Firm Sugar)
Had my first experience with sugaring at home, and it went better than expected. It takes some time to master the sticky paste on your own. But with enough patience you’ll get it all right! I ended spending a few hours on sugaring my legs, hands, and also bikini zone. In the end i felt like a pro, my hand has learnt the motion and it all seemed pretty simple in the end! Totally love the results!!!

1/7/16 Amazon customer (Firm Sugar)
10 stars for this seller!!!
Kari Ann

1/31/16 Amazon customer (Firm Sugar)
I have never used sugaring technique before for hair removal and I Love this Sugar paste . Very easy clean-up,

2/12/16 Amazon customer (Medium Sugar)
This sugar mix is great! Very quick delivery. Used as instructed by watching youtube videos. Bought medium as my first purchase to see how it worked on me. The only thing is that next time I’ll order a firm for the hotspots. I tend to run hot and the medium was melting quickly. Otherwise it still did the job. Love the product. Thank you.

5/6/16 Amazon customer (Medium-Firm Sugar)
Great product. Seller is VERY kind and answers correspondence LIGHTNING FAST! Will buy here again and again. Her product knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed. LOVE!!!!

6/16/16 Amazon customer (Medium Sugar)
I’m in love with the sugar wax! I’ve been practicing and I got the hang of it! This is like a dream come true. The hair takes a really long time to grow back!

6/16/16 Amazon customer (Medium-Firm Sugar)

6/23/16 Amazon Customer (Medium-Firm Sugar)
Perfect. Thanks

7/3/16 Amazon customer (Soft Sugar)
Very good sugaring paste. I use it just with my hands, no sticks, no wooden sticks. Works very well.

7/6/16 Amazon customer (Firm Sugar)
Great packaging and arrived in good time.

11/9/16 Amazon customer (Firm Sugar)
The YouTube videos by the seller are super helpful!

12/31/16 Amazon customer (Medium Sugar)
Love it!

3/18/17 Amazon customer (Medium-Soft)
This hair removal is amazing!

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